Albuquerque’s Family Photographer

Introducing an emotive lifestyle approach to family pictures. Grand New Mexico locations, wardrobe stylizing, beautiful light, and tons of fun in the process. I promise! Every family in Albuquerque has a unique story to tell. I'd love to be the photographer to tell it.

My dream for Alison Hatch Photography is not just produce beautiful images, but to create a positive family experience at each photo shoot. Moms should feel like the beautiful goddesses that they are. Dads need to feel pride in their families. And the kids should just express playful joy they all have within them. If everyone feels good for their family pictures then the authentic emotion will show through in each image.

The Why Behind Every Picture

The things that speak to my soul are the inspiration behind my family pictures. The giggles of my children. A fiery New Mexico sunset. The wind blowing the Cottonwood trees in the Bosque. A tender kiss from my husband. And even the colors of the desert surrounding Albuquerque. Being an empath I feel things in a big way (hello emotional roller coaster!) I use to think it was a curse, but I know its not. I want to capture the raw emotions that we all hold. Each picture will show your best authenic self. Pinky promise.

Wonderful family session with a truly gifted photographer. Alison did a magical family session for us in Jemez. The photos turned out more beautiful than I imagined. She is easy, natural, and able to capture the true love between a family. The photos speak for themselves. Alison is now our go-to photographer.