Utah State Capital Bridals | Albuquerque Wedding Photographer

The Utah State Capital is where my darling niece wanted to do her bridals. I had never been there. I was blown away by the stunning architecture, glass ceilings, and marble everything. Not every bride decides to take bridal pictures before the wedding. In Utah, it is very normal. Heck, I did them with my husband weeks before we actually tied the knot in St. George, UT. I wanted beautiful, stress free pictures and I knew I wasn’t going to get them on my actual wedding day. My sweet niece knew that too!

Utah State Capital Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

Things don’t always go as planned when taking pictures. When we got to the Utah state capitol to take bridals there were hundreds of protesters in bright red shirts. Our plans of a big marble hall for bridals got turned on it’s head. We could have called it quits or gone somewhere else, but didn’t. We weren’t going to give up! This sweet bride wanted this location more than anything. So working around all the red protesters (who were super nice and offered us lunch btw) was a challenge, yes. But one that was so dang worth it. I mean come on… look at her!!! Talk about a princess. 

Utah State Capital Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

Dungeons and Dragons brought Zoe and Jake together. Each were invited to play the iconic board game by a friend. That night not only a fantasy game was played, but a fantasy romance started. These two were inseparable from that night onward. Jake was incredibly sweet during the bridals. He wanted Zoe to be in the spotlight and was happy to give it to her. With his cute smile and support these bridal pictures turned out as magical as their relationship.

Utah state capital bridals, Utah's best wedding photographer
Utah state capital staircase
Utah state capital bridals
Utah state capital bridals by Utah's best wedding photographer Alison Hatch Photography.
Utah state capital bridals by Utah's best wedding photographer Alison Hatch Photography.
Flowers by As You Wish Florals.

Flowers by As You Wish Florals by Stephanie Gwilliam.

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