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Summer is the best time to take pictures, in my option. Most moms don’t think about having family pictures taken until the Fall, needing that perfect Christmas card pic. Fall is wonderful and beautiful, but Summer is better. Here’s why…

Lazy Summer Days

In the Summer life is slower and more relaxed. There isn’t busy school and activities schedule to work around. Just lazy Summer days. So scheduling a photo shoot is much more flexible.

Summer Family Pictures at the beach
Family Pictures in the summer.
Toes in the sand with Vista Family Photographer

Green Landscapes

The landscape is green and lush. Here in New Mexico thing don’t stay green for very long. It’s only from April through the beginning of October, then is brown, brown, brown. I don’t know about you, but I prefer leafed out trees and green grass then dormant vegetation.


WATER!!! How much fun is it to incorporate water into your family shoot. Water invites play, has beautiful color, and adds a rad mirror affect to images. No need to worry about shoes when taking pictures in the water, but maybe a fresh pedicure. I love the opportunity to travel to my home state of California to take family pictures like this at the beach. Doing summer family pictures at the beach couldn’t be more summery!

Summer Family Pictures Vista Family Photographer
Summer time fun with family pictures taken at the beach

Vacation Destinations

Last time my family and I were on vacation, I hired a professional family photographer to take our pictures. I love Albuquerque, but really wanted beach pictures as a change of pace. While on summer vacation there are many different options than the ones close to your house. Maybe you have a lake, beach, forest, sand dunes, or mountains available a location for family pictures that you don’t normally have. Sometimes it fun to switch things up, that goes for destination locations too!

The Family’s All Together

Recently I did an extended family shoot while they were vacationing. They were down in Southern California and hadn’t been together as a family in a long time. Getting opportunities to get family pictures taken gets harder as children grow up and move away. Hiring a professional to take those beloved summer family pictures when everyone is together only takes an hour or so and will be well worth the money.

Summer family pictures

What Do You Prefer?

There are many more reasons to take pictures in the summer that I didn’t go over (not as many stuffy layers for outfits like in the fall, and your tan for Pete’s sake!) Have you considered taking family pictures in the Summer? What do you prefer, Summer or Fall? If you would like to have your own summer family pictures contact me here, I would love to make it happen for you too. A big thank you to Kaari Winger Photography and family for being my gorgeous models for this shoot and to Tracy Layne for leading the shoot.

Best family photographer in Albuquerque
Summer family pictures
Summer family pictures best Vista Family Photographer
Summer family pictures
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