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It was so exciting to meet this sweet newborn baby. I had the honor of taking mama’s maternity pictures as well. Documenting family’s as they grow is one of the highlights of my job. Baby Walker was just a darling baby version of his father. After doing this shoot I got to see comparison baby pictures and this sweet boy is definitly going to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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When these sweet tiny babies arrive so fresh and full of potential our parental dreams go wild. We dream of happy children with lots of friends, playing the same sport we did in high school, being first chair in orchestra, coming home with straight A’s and a glowing teacher review. We dream up what we want them to be, not what they are suppose to be. The HARDEST thing I have had to learn as a newborn photographer and mother is allowing my boys the space to become who THEY are suppose to be. To dream their own dreams. To explore their own paths. It feels like they are making horrible choices at times and not reaching for their potential. But in truth, they still are. They are just getting to the same destination of being amazing, happy humans in their own way. I’ve been putting limitations on them by imposing my dreams. Releasing those hopes has allowed my children to soar higher than I thought they ever could.

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A mother kissing her brand new baby boy.
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Little baby toes.
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Hi there! You made it to the bottom of the page. I love it!!! Let me introduce myself. I’m Alison Hatch a photographer who loves to capture the authentic beauty that each family holds. I photograph familiesnewbornmaternity, and seniors. A little bit of everything means I’m never bored, LOL! Albuquerque is where I call home, but venture all over. If you want to talk more about your family photoshoot ideas contact me and let’s do it!

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