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Taking pictures of other photographers isn’t just flattering, it is awesome! This Elena Gallegos family photoshoot with the Wildes was just yummy. The light was warm, the location beautiful, and the family lived up to their name’s sake. Wild, just how I like it! But what family photoshoot wouldn’t be wild with a family of six!?! That is a whole lot of moving parts to keep track off. LOL!

Family pictures at Elena Gallegos Park, Albuquerque's best family photographer.

I want family’s to be real. I want families who are energetic, shy, loud, outgoing… you get the idea. I want AUTHENTICITY! If every family were perfect then this blog would be boring. Capturing the authentic movements that families share is what I try to capture at each and every family photoshoot. If your kiddo cries then I want to photograph you soothing them. If your boys begin to tackle dad, you best bet I’ll be right in there photographing the struggle. If your tween age daughter is feeling shy, I want to capture her innocence. All the real, all the families, all the love. That is what I go into every family photoshoot thinking.

See here in this picture? The youngest was not having it at all the whole shoot. For some parents this would totally stress them out. But it shouldn’t. Why? Because it is my job to coheres kids into wanting to be in the pictures. Not mom’s job, not dad’s job, not anybody in the family’s job. I want getting pictures taken to be fun and effortless. Dealing with a stubborn five year old isn’t fun or effortless. So leave those kiddos up to me. How do I get kids like that to cooperate? Oh boy, do I have a big bag of tricks. I try to connect personally, play games, let them lead, try being the photographer, and on and on until that kiddo is having as much fun as the rest of the family. It took some work, but he got in the picture and loved it.

Elena Gallegos family photoshoot by Alison Hatch Photography, Albuquerque family photographer.
Elena Gallegos family photoshoot, New Mexico's best family photographer.
Elena Gallegos park sunset family pictures, Albuquerque family photographer.

I’m so impressed that you made it to the bottom of the page! Let me introduce myself. I’m Alison Hatch a photographer who loves to capture the authentic beauty that each relationship holds. I photograph familiesweddings, newborn, maternity, and seniors. A little bit of everything means I’m never bored, LOL! Albuquerque is where I call home, but venture all over. If you want to talk more about your engagement picture ideas contact me and let’s do it!

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