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All the couples throughout all the world need to take pictures on top of a mountain. For those New Mexico couples pictures at the Sandia Crest is as epic as your love for each other. For Mariah and Kevin their epic love story needed this epic location to celebrate their engagement. Have I said epic enough!?! LOL! Epic, epic, EPIC.

Couple's Pictures at the Sandia Crest

Mariah and Kevin met through email. They were just friends at first. Writing back and forth for over a year. After a while they both knew that something more was happening. They wanted to date but Kevin had always wanted to served a two year mission for his church, and it was time. Mariah had the same desire (hello amazing people!). Mariah and Kevin’s missions overlapped and they didn’t see each other for almost 3 years. Whao! I told you their love story was epic enough for Sandia Crest.

Sandia Crest Engagement Pictures

They wrote to each other over that time. When their commitments to their church were fulfilled nothing was stopping this epic love story from continuing. Kevin proposed and that is how I ended up taking this adorable couple’s pictures on the top of the Sandia Crest. I love, love! I’ve said it so many times, but I whole heartedly mean it. The connection between two people who love each other above all else, is so special. And I could take pictures of that love all dang day! And especially on top of Sandia Mountain.

Sandia Forest Engagement Pictures
A couple walking hand in hand for engagement photoshoot at Sandia Crest.
Opal and diamond engagement ring.
Sandia Crest engagement pictures.
Engagement shoot Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Engagement ring pictures.

Nice, you made it to the bottom of the page! Let me introduce myself. I’m Alison Hatch a photographer who loves to capture the authentic beauty that each relationship holds. I photograph familiesweddings, newborn, maternity, and seniors. A little bit of everything means I’m never bored, LOL! Albuquerque is where I call home, but venture all over. If you want to talk more about your engagement picture ideas contact me and let’s do it!

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